Doula Services



Doula Services


Studies show that women and their partners benefit tremendously from the presence of a doula. Reduced rates of medical intervention, shorter labor, increased satisfaction with their birth experience, and lower rates of postpartum depression are just a few of the benefits.  

We know we said this in person, but we can’t help reiterating how grateful we were to have you play an important and wonderful role at our baby’s birth. We can’t imagine it going any smoother and we will always be thankful for your calm nature, good will and strong guidance.
— Brenna and Nick

Additionally, women who want, or need epidural also benefit from a doula's presence and support. Partners report feeling more involved, confident and present during this miraculous event with the extra support of a doula. 

Doula support with Birth Devi Maternity Services includes a continuum of comprehensive services that span pregnancy, birth and postpartum (for up to six weeks after delivery). You will receive birth preparation counseling, prenatal support, on-call services from week 37 until your delivery, continuous birth support during labor, lactation services and follow ups after your baby is born.


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