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Yoga for Labor and Delivery: A Couples Workshop for Birth

YWHA of Inwood & Washington Heights
54 Nagle Avenue

Labor requires inward focus, calmness and relaxation to facilitate the body’s innate ability to give birth. This workshop is a unique, holistic approach to birthing that utilizes basic concepts of yoga philosophy to prepare for birth and beyond. You will learn a full range of simple, practical techniques to achieve calmness, reduce discomfort and facilitate the process of labor. Ample opportunity is given to practice proven comfort measures for labor while the supporting partner gains confidence in his/her ability to provide effective support during labor. We will cover how to plan for the birth of your baby and what to expect during the process of labor. This workshop is recommended during third trimester. Dress comfortably and bring a snack and water. NO previous yoga experience needed! Recommended for couples who are 27+ weeks.

$100 per couple
To register: contact Mara,  or call: 212.569.6200